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Our Dino-tastic suite at Universal Studios

Hey guys! I finally have some time to tell you about some of our fun at Universal Studios this past January. I'll you, I think I can speak for everyone when I say just how much I am over Covid and all the nonsense that comes along with it. Life is so different for me because of it! I can't wait for life to become simpler again. When I can be back posting on here at lot more regularly. I have so much to say, but so little time to say it! So just a big thanks for having patience with me as I navigate the crazy. I can't wait to be back on here regularly mocking Matt. I mean, I know that is what you all are really here for anyway.

Last I left you, we were living it up in a 1970s treehouse at Disney's Treehouse Villas. We were swimming, shopping, and eating. It was my first Disney property visit where I didn't enter a single park and I have to tell you, it was really nice! So much more relaxing and way more time for eating... my favorite past-time. After a few days though, it was time to turn the vacation up a notch and have some real fun!

Next on our agenda was a visit to Universal Studios. My six year old, Benjamin, is dinosaur obsessed right now so he was very excited to be visiting Universal Studios since they have Jurassic World. Vivian, my nearly five year old daughter, is a pretty big dinosaur buff herself since she loves anything her big brother loves. If you have dinosaur obsessed kids like me, there is only one place for you to stay while at Universal Studios, so we took an Uber over to Loews Royal Pacific Resort.

The Royal Pacific is a beautiful resort on Universal Studios property. For my Disney fans, it's Universal's equivalent of the Polynesian Resort. For those who don't speak Disney lingo, the theme at Royal Pacific is like an elegant, tropical paradise. It's very quiet and relaxing, with a big pool complete with THE nicest pool towels ever. Seriously, their pool towels are so thick and luxurious, and they have a little pocket on one side to go on the pool lounge chairs so the towel doesn't slip down... it's the little things I tell you. Those small details are what impress me. The things that they don't need to do, that many wouldn't even notice, but they do it anyway. THAT'S what impresses me, so I was definitely gushing over their towels to Matt, which he couldn't have cared less about, but just humored me and my gushing, like a good husband.

I included these pictures from the Loews' website. Clearly they're not mine since I can barely work my iPhone and I don't make it a habit of traveling with a drone and all but... didn't want you guys to miss out on the beauty of this resort... or think I'm a picture thief.

Matt & I make it a point to not really involve the kids in vacation plans. Who am I kidding?? Matt also makes it a point to not involve himself in vacation plans, but I at least inform him of what I have planned. We mainly keep the kids in the dark because they are still a little young and don't really grasp the concept of time, so when we've involved them in the past, we are left with three million questions about the trip, two million of them being "are we there yet" style questioning in the weeks and months leading up to the trip. So to protect Matt & I's sanity, we are very vague with the kids about vacations. This trip was no exception, especially when it came to the room I booked for this part of the trip.

We travel a lot with the kids and one thing Matt and I are sticklers on is booking at least a one bedroom hotel room. We will scrimp on other activities on the trip itself just to be sure we can afford to book a room where we can have time separate from the kids. I mean, I love them, but I also love cheese and I don't want every waking moment of my life to involve cheese. Actually... scratch that. If I'm being honest, a day filled with an obnoxious level of cheese would make the most mundane task so much better. In all seriousness though, this is Matt & I's vacation too, so we're not about to have our vacation nights end early just because the kids need to get to bed. With a separate room for the kids, we can put them to bed and then we can get caught up on our latest shows, since we bring our Fire Stick, while usually ordering an insane amount of room service or take out. It's usually a gluttonous extravaganza leaving us nearly sick and still feeling full the next morning.

Having said all that, the kids are accustomed to usually sharing the pullout couch in the living room of our hotel room or Airbnb. The room category I booked at Royal Pacific was a one bedroom of sorts and with how the layout was I knew I could really surprise them. When you first walk into the room, it looks like a typical hotel room. It had a king bed and then a pull out couch adjacent to it. I knew when we walked in they'd just assume that they're on the pull out, only difference was that we were sharing a room rather than them being separate. What I also counted on was them not noticing the door leading them into their actual room, a room made for the ultimate Jurassic Park/World enthusiast. Once our room was ready, I snuck into the room first so I could capture the sheer joy. Be warned, I was so focused on watching the kids that the video is a bit chaotic and may make you a little dizzy at one point. I love Benjamin's expression in the beginning when he thinks they're on the pull out couch.

Is that not the coolest room?! The layout in the main room was a typical hotel room with a king bed, couch, bathroom, TV, and dresser with a nice little refrigerator and coffee station. Then you open the door to the kids' room where there was two twin beds, an additional TV, desk, and closet. One of the most impressive things about it, to me, was that the Jurassic room had its own thermostat. Again, it's the little things for me.

I have to say, Universal Studios knows how to theme a room! They also have a (Despicable Me) Minion themed room over at the Loews Portofino Bay Resort, as well as some really cool themed rooms at Loews Hard Rock Hotel. Best of all with these three specific hotels, you get Universal's Express Pass included which is a big savings not just in money but a savings in park time since you're not needing to wait in long lines! I have to tell you, you all know how Disney obsessed I am, but Universal is no slouch either.

After spending a full day in the parks, and then the kids seeing their awesome room, you can imagine how easy for us it was to get the kids to go to bed that first night! It was also really easy for me to head to bed. I have to tell you, the Royal Pacific knows how to pick their artwork. This is what I had to look at as I drifted off to sleep.

I mean, if I'm going to have art hanging on the wall about a foot away from my pillow, this is the kinda art I'm talking about! Matt was not amused. Can't imagine why.

On my next post, I'll get into the fun we had over the next few days at Universal, including talking about the most interesting Uber ride ever.

Until next time!

Don't forget that I decided to start a new career as a travel agent, just two months before a global pandemic! Talk about timing. *facepalm* All joking aside, if you want some help in booking your next vacation, contact me and we'll get you traveling once again! No obligation and my services are completely FREE.

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