• Lisa Wain

Hawaii Day 2- Am I drunk or just that tired?

Saturday, May 21, 2022

I woke up this morning at 4:30am (Cali time) fully awake. I had only been asleep three and a half hours and had also only gotten three and a half hours of sleep the night before but I could not sleep. I think it was the anxiety of what we may face once we arrive at the airport keeping me awake. We had to be up ay 5:40am to get u to LAX in plenty of time to hopefully check in, BOTH OF US, then TSA, then speak with the gate agent to get Matt’s seat assigned and hopefully moved so we’re next to each other.

I slowly started to get myself ready as I fought the dark ominous feeling over me. It felt more like I was headed for something terrifying, not what you should be feeling when heading out for Hawaii. At this point I had no trust in Delta, but I did somehow feel a peace at the same time. I knew that no matter what, we’d get to Hawaii and I was going to do my best to have fun and trust God…but definitely not trust Delta. My mood quickly shifted for the better once Matt was awake. For whatever reason, probably sheer exhaustion, he was absolutely giddy. I have next to never seen him like this, especially having just woken up. He was in an extra fun mood so there we were at 6am hysterical laughing at basically nothing. We must have appeared drunk.

We took the hotel shuttle to the airport, which was an uneventful ride. Once we got to LAX it was busy! There were people everywhere. We were surprised to notice how many fewer masks there were at LAX vs JFK. All we had heard about with Covid procedures in California it was surprising to see maybe only 40% of people in masks whereas at JKF probably more like 65% were still wearing them. Another diffference at LAX vs JFK is though it was very busy at LAX the mood there was so much more chill. God bless the Californians. We really needed chill, and us New Yorkers never seem to give off a chill vibe, especially when in a public place.

We head straight for the Delta kiosks to check ourselves in, trying to bypass the huge check in desk line, but the kiosks were nearly just as busy. This is where the NYer in me came in handy. There was no order to the kiosk area, no official line. You cold see some were trying to stand in an imaginary line, but then so were others in different areas. It was just chaos and no order. I knew time was of the essence for us because I did not want to risk missing our flight should there be any issue with our tickets. So I went full NY and just walked through th sea of people, while surveying what part of the check in process people were on on the kiosk screens and then stepped right in behind them as they took their first step away from the kiosk. It was a thing of beauty. I by no means cut anyone, but I just took a more aggressive approach were most were more passive in trying to get a kiosk.

I go through the quick process of checking in for my reservation, and print my bag tag. Thankfully, no issues with my check in. Now for the big moment. Matt steps up to check in. He quickly puts his confirmation number in and it felt like slow motion. We had so much riding on this moment. As soon as he enters his confirmation code and hit continue our hearts stopped. Someone get the bail money ready!! I was already texting my mom to please pray because he once again got the same error message we had gotten before saying there was no such flight. I can’t put into words what I felt in that split second. Matt just stood there staring at me with a look and panic and rage. So I step in front of him and try to figure out something. I literally had no clue what I was going to do but I needed to try something for my own sake. As I’m standing there staring at the screen Matt starts talking through the steps that he did, while ranting… there was lots of ranting. I was actually calm though, calm enough to pickup on something he said Mid-rant. He had said his confirmation number that he used and after my eight hour plus dealings with this nonsense yesterday I now knew all seven of our confirmation numbers involved in this tragedy so upon hearing him mention his I thought it didn’t sound right. It was the right confirmation number for him but I thought (hoped!) it may be the one from his first booking- the one they had canceled. So I quickly take my phone out and look through all the emails I have to find the most recent one from last night when we booked his flight for the second time. My suspicion was corrrect. They had both this flight and his return flight home now on the same confirmation. So I quickly start again, this time using the new confirmation and BINGO! We’re going to Hawaii baby!! After picking our hearts back up off the floor and placing them safely back into our chests, we happily headed off for security. It was still hard for us to get our brains to realize we were okay, that we BOTH were in fact heading to Hawaii, but we knew once we got there it would set in and we’d finally start feeling all those magical vacation feels that we were completely void of so far.

Once we got through security we got ourselves some Jersey Mikes Italian combos, at 6:30am, (breakfast of champions) and then headed to the gate to now try and get Matt and I seated together. We had no luck in that department since the flight was completely full but they gave Matt his seat assignment and somehow the last seat on the flight available was an aisle seat so Matt was on an aisle seat at the back of the plane. We figured it’d be much easier now to get someone to switch with one of us because I had a window and he had an aisle so we both could offer our middle seat neighbor a better seat. I tried first but the two people in my row were traveling together. Matt tried next and was able to get his neighbor to switch so we ended up in the same exact seats together as the night before.

Today’s flight was a little over five hours. We spent most of the flight playing a game on the entertainment system. The flight really flew by. In fact, on both the six plus hour and five plus hour flight I didn’t really do much of anything. Friday night’s flight I was so stressed that I couldn’t even focus on watching a movie so I ended up stopping two different movies only about thirty minutes in because I just couldn’t focus. The second flight I didn’t feel stressed anymore, I was just feeling content to sit and decompress, I guess. I really don’t know how I passed all that time, though on both flights I did work on my blog so that probably helped.

We landed in Hawaii at 10:30am, Hawaiian time. It was so unbelievabley humid! More so than normal because we landed in the middle of a rainy day. Part of the Honolulu airport is open air so my hair went to an instant poof ball, think French Poodle, as soon as we stepped off the plane. We quickly got our bags and headed for our rental cal across the street. We did THE tourist thing to do and rented a Ford Mustang convertible for the trip. There’s nothing like driving the Hawaiian islands in a convertible.

The drive from the airport to our first hotel for the week was about 25 minutes. It rained a good portion of the drive but literally cleared up as we pulled into our hotel. Our hotel is on the dryer side of the island so we’re blessed with the promise of pretty great weather even on “bad weather days”. Pulling up to the hotel I got a little emotional. You see, we are back at Disney’s Aulani Resort- the ressort we stayed at nine years ago when Matt got his injury forcing us to basically spend all of our resort time dealing with that drama. So while we’d stayed here before it’s really like a first time visit for us. I was so happy to finally be here!

Check in was pretty uneventful but our room wasn’t ready yet so we explored the resort, seeing all the changes and additions they’ve made in the last nine years. We walked down to the beach and even went to the “secret beach” where we briefly saw our first seal playing in the water. We then headed out to a really popular restaurant with the locals, Honolulu Kitchen. It’s a great title spot, but in a not so pleasant neighborhood, far from the touristy area of Ko Olina where our hotel is located. We were actually greated outside of the restaurant by a pants-less, homeless man. When I say pants-less, I mean pants-less. We saw the full monty whenever his T-shirt rose the tiniest bit. Matt intended to buy him lunch but the restaurant owners sent him on his way before we could. Honolulu Kitchen is famous for their manapuas- kinda like a boa bun, but Honolulu Kitchen is popular for them because traditionally they are served steamed or baked but they serve them steamed or fried. We ordered eight of them, all fired, because when in Rome… They were very good but it was disappointing that they still haven’t opened up inside dining at this location so we sat in the car eating them.

After lunch we did a little necessities shopping at the ABC store across the street from our hotel. The ABC stores in Hawaii are on like every block and can be likened to an amazing convenience store, a mix between a 7/11 and CVS, if you will but way better! There we found an entire display of Hi-Chew candy- a favorite in our family. Coolest part of Hi-Chew in Hawaii, the ABC stores have an exclusive flavor, Passion Fruit!!! We are obsessed with passion fruit and buy passion fruit juice at home all the time so we were excited. We even snapped a pic of it and sent it to my brother back home to gloat. We then walked back to our resort and visited the spa to book a massage for both Matt and I.

Finally, at about 3:40pm, we got the text that our room was ready. I was so excited to see our room. I had put in quite a few requests for room view and location so I was dying to see if I got any of them. Turns out I got every request I made! The room and view is beautiful. We are staying here on our Disney timeshare points so Matt and I have a whole one-bedroom villa to ourselves. It’s so beautifully decorated and we even have two balconies- ”his” and “hers” balconies, if you will. We spent some time unpacking because I am one of those people who has to completely move into my hotel room and then while Matt took a quick shower before dinner, I had to run downstairs “to get a blow dryer” from the front desk. The beauty of Matt blindly trusting me when it comes to all aspects of travel, he never even clued in that the rooms already have blow dryers and that if it didn’t have one I could simply call and request one to be delivered. So while he was in the shower I ran down to meet someone who was dropping off a charcuterie platter I had ordered to surprise Matt. The thing was even prettier than I pictured!! Once he was out of the shower I said, “I went down to get a blow dryer, which they didn’t have, so they gave me this instead!” He was so confused and then excited at the thought of partaking in all that meat and cheese without having to share with our kiddos who are presently at home with my parents, probably eating candy for dinner and swinging from the chandelier. Everybody wins!

We headed across the street for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants from last visit, Monkeypod Kitchen. The food is so good there, but their pies are legendary!! We were too full for the pie so we took it to go.

After dinner, we were determined to stay up as late as possible so we put on our swimsuits headed for the infinity edge, adult only hot tub. Sitting in the hot tub staring out at the ocean was amazing. Finally, we were really just taking a moment to enjoy a moment. Unfortunately, the heat of the hot tub was counter productive to our goal of keeping ourselves awake, to our bodies it was 1:30am and we were only on 3-4 hours of sleep. I swear at one point we both started to doze off in the hot tub! So we quickly decided to give ourselves a jolt by heading into the ocean. The ocean temps were pleasantly comfortable, even coming directly from the hot tub. We stayed in the ocean to watch the sunset, which was beautiful, but we didn’t even have our cells on us since we knew everyone at home was asleep and we didn’t want to be bogged down with stuff. I wish I had it though cause the view was stunning! As pretty as it was, we were really tired and I was starting to literally get wobbly. I was so tired that walking in a straight line was a challenge! I looked drunk, which was so comical to me, so I obviously started to laugh… and I couldn’t stop. I was a mess so I decided to call it a day. I headed up to the room but figured I’d shower before bed to try and keep me awake even longer in hopes to beat this jet lag on day one. Finally, at about 8:30pm, 2:30am at home, my head hit that pillow and I don’t remember another moment thereafter. Matt, trying to stay up later than me, was watching his shows on our Roku that we brought with us. He kept dozing off for a minute or two and then waking up to rewind his show back to see what he missed over and over again until he finally dozed off, which only felt like a moment, but then awoke to a few episodes ahead of where he was so at that moment he knew it was time to call it a night.

We are so looking forward to tomorrow. We’ll be starting our day, finally, on a full night’s sleep and without a single stress on our minds. What a concept! Looking forward to it and the laughable situations we’ll find ourselves, since with us too, it’s inevitable.

Tomorrow’s plan is a relaxing day at our resort and then a fun evening in Waikiki. I cannot wait!