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- About Lisa -


Hey guys! I'm Lisa, a wife and mom who loves to blog about everything from the everyday crazy that takes place at Wain Manor to the exciting big adventures our family finds ourselves on. We live in the greatest state in the world, New York, which provides us easy access to lots of fun to fill our time with. Number one in our family is probably baseball, which is a touchy subject since I am a diehard N.Y. Mets fan and, well, Matt, my husband, is a Yankee fan. There are days I still find myself in disbelief that I married someone the likes of a Yankee fan, but here I am still all in love and googly-eyed nearly eight years of marriage, four dogs, and two kids later. True love does conquer all, apparently. 


Speaking of conquering all, this year we decided to start homeschooling our oldest who just started Kindergarten. Oh, boy was THAT a fun decision. Nearly everyone I meet, upon hearing that I homeschool, say the same thing, "...I don't know how you do it..." Listen, I don't either. I'm not some super mom that has it all together. There's a lot of noise and mess, there's lots of me crying while in the fetal position, and most of all, there's lots of snacking. I mean, I don't want to brag or anything but I survive all this crazy without coffee in my life, so snacking is a must.


Now don't go and feel all judged. I'm not one of those "crunchy moms" (not that there's anything wrong with that!) that has some reason for why it's detrimental to your health or the planet, or whatever we're destroying these days. I just simply never acquired a taste for it and figured, if I've made it this far without it, why start now? So yeah, two kids seventeen months apart and I don't drink coffee...and now to really blow your mind and freak you out, I don't drink wine either. I know. Talk about feeling like a weirdo in mommy group when they hear I don't drink coffee or wine. And just to answer the follow up question, 'cause there's always a follow up question, I don't drink tea or soda or anything in place of coffee and wine. I usually don't eat or drink anything until lunchtime... and then... I don't seem to stop eating or pounding back Coke Zero after that. It's a problem. #facepalm So while I don't want you to be impressed that I homeschool, I want all the props for surviving two children (and a manchild) without coffee in the morning. Why I went down this rabbit trail, I have no idea, but yay me!



I often found myself, in recent years, writing on my social media page about what adventures my everyday life brings me and I must admit, I do often find myself in quite interesting predicaments. For example, that one time we took a gondola ride while in Venice or that random shopping day at Bass Pro. #funtimes


Due to these totally unreal predicaments I find myself in, my friends and family have always pushed me to start a blog, but it wasn't until we spent six weeks in Orlando for my husband's job that everything changed for me and I finally listened to the strangers now also encouraging me to start a blog. Hundreds of complete strangers.


You see, while my husband, Matt, was off working for those six weeks, the kids and I were filling our time at Disney World, of course! I don't know about you but when I'm on vacation I love to eat, so while Matt was off hard at work (sorry, babe), I was eating my way around Disney World and reporting back to the Facebook page with over 94k members, "Disney Foodies" about my finds. Well, apparently the tagline of "Six Weeks of Disney" gets people's attention, because my posts immediately took off. I was getting hundreds of comments and post reactions on all twenty-two posts that I made over the six weeks that we were living out of a hotel in Orlando. Many of these comments were complete strangers telling me (er...demanding me) to start a blog, which in turn amped up my husband and mom (my biggest fans) in the nagging front. After my final post, which received 1.3k reactions in just twelve hours, I finally agreed to start the blog.


The only frustrating part about all of this is that I'm not allowed to "advertise" my blog on the Disney Foodies page, so I can't even let all of these awesome people know just how much their encouragement helped me to take the steps to start this, which in turn, opened the door for me to start a whole new dream "job" as a travel agent. So to those few Disney Foodies that Facebook stalked me and found this blog, THANK YOU and, "Go Facebook stalking!" This one's for you! *raises coke zero filled glass to toast... after 12pm though*

So here she is, all shiny and new. Thank you for joining me on this crazy adventure. I really feel in the times we're living in, we all need nothing more but to laugh together and find things that even the most different people can come together on and laugh about.

*whispers: It's usually Matt* 

This is my circus and these are my monkeys. 


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